Solid Foundation School

Why We Exist - Our Vision and Mission

"Rescue and Empower African Women and Children (REAWC), a Christian 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization, aims to empower women and children in Liberia and Sierra Leone by providing financial assistance for refuge and to enable them to acquire training, skills and education in their pursuit of reaching their full potential."

REAWC is a non-profit organization committed to making a positive change in the lives of African Women and Children, enabling them the ability to achieve sustainable economic potential, by providing the means of education and skills training in a safe environment, giving each the opportunity to become steadfast contributors to the society.

We help women and disadvantaged children

  • We provide training to abused women and teenage mothers. We train them in various vocations and integrate them into mainstream society. We meet their basic needs and increase their capacity to participate in and benefit from society. Most of our graduates are now using their skills in the works force. Others are married, self employed, have a family and contributing to their societies.
  • We support an orphanage by providing education, school supplies, food, and other items to abandoned, orphaned and disadvantaged children and those affected by civil war. We empower them with skills, knowledge, and the opportunity required to live as productive citizens.
  • At the Solid Foundation School, we provide scholarships to the disadvantaged and help them obtain an education at a reputable school. Since its inception in June 2006, REAWC has supported students by providing tuition, uniforms, books and educational supplies.
  • Assistance is desperately needed to give these children a better future so that the cycle of poverty and ignorance will be arrested. You may help by sponsoring a child, a class or a school either at a one time donation or on a regular basis. Whatever type of sponsorship you choose, your assistance will make a difference. Please visit our donation page today and make your tax deductible contribution.

FAWE - Lungi Training and Rehabilitation Center

Hebron Homes Orphanage - Liberia

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